Power and Free
Conveyors (P&F)
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Who We Are

ALM Group comprises of companies which are providing services in the areas of Human Resource, Outsourced Accounting, Corporate Legal, Auto Accessories, Power and Free Conveyors (P&F) and Landscaping. ALM has not only grown nationally but crosses the borders to become ALM international. The objective was brightly clear of providing quality services to all companies.

ALM Professional Services is specialized in providing equipments, systems, auto accessories and components services to the various industries in the GCC Countries.

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What We Do

Auto Accessories

ALM Professional Services (Pvt) Ltd is a network of technology-enabled car service centres, offering a seamless car service experience at the convenience of a tap. With our highly skilled technicians, manufacturer recommended procedures and the promise of genuine spare parts we are your best bet.

Power and Free Conveyors (P&F)

Supplier of quality conveyor components for overhead and inverted conveyor systems, including enclosed track and food handling conveyors. We make power and free conveyor trolleys, hand pushed trolleys, conveyor chain, drive chain, drive dogs, chain attachments, chain lubricators, enclosed track chain, I-beam, rollers, and conveyor roll bearings among other products.

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